Learning The “Secrets” of Bonds

Understanding Bond agents and the Process of Bail Bonds.

When going about our daily activities sometimes we happen to find ourselves in situations that we did not anticipate. Criminal charges end up with the accused behind bars, what follows is finding means of making bail to be free. Bail bonds is a process by which a judge orders bail before court proceedings begin on the case. There are companies who have reputations with settling bails and the first step will be to find a company that you can trust to deposit bail. As the accused you may not know just how much the judge will ask for and also you may not have the exact amount reserved somewhere. In this circumstances one needs to make sure that they hire a professional bond bail agent as they are better suited to help you . Being in jail means you cannot walk as a free person but that does not mean that you cannot be in contact with a professional agent.

You may not be free but your family and friends are, these are the people to help you with finding a professional agent. The professional agents will have licenses that allow them to legally undertake the process for you. The company will perform a background check on you before taking on the process to settle bail. The criminal charge committed comes into play , employment status and whether or not you have valuable assets.

Bail bonds are set in an official setting known as a bail hearing that is presided by a judge. The judge will meet the defendant and based on the verbal plea of the latter, a judge decides on the suitability of setting bail. If the defendant has a criminal history , it will greatly affect the chances of landing bail and how hefty it will be. Crimes are not the same, different crimes will have different intensities which also contribute much when it comes to bail hearings .

There are cases where the judge will assume that the defendant will jump court proceedings and hence set the bail higher. The defendant has to have some kind of security before bail is posted and it could be jewelry, a deed to land or a written agreement from the family or friends of the defendant. Banks and insurance companies may stand as guarantors but they will hardly put their funds in bail bond posting. If a defendant fails to show up during the day of trial , the bail agent or the company is fully liable before a court of law.

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